Financing terms that will make you smile

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Paying for Your Braces

Why should we care about how you pay for treatment?

The answer is simple. We believe it’s important to make our patients’ lives easier. Reducing the tension that comes with paying for orthodontic treatment is part of that. We want it to be flexible, we want it to be easy, and we want it to be stress-free.

Just the Details

We offer flexible and unique payment options.

Down Payments

Adjustable Low Down Payments

A down payment shouldn’t get in the way of treatment. We offer down payments that people can actually afford!

Monthly Payments

Flexible monthly payments

Monthly plans that make braces affordable so that once you’re in treatment, paying for it isn’t a burden or added stress.

Payment Periods

Adjustable Payment Periods

Extend financing for longer than your time in braces! Extended financing reduces stress and helps bring down monthly costs.

So how Do We Do That?

We do what is right for you and your financial situation.

Offering flexible financing terms to our patients is something we’re genuinely happy to do. It’s all part of our effort to give patients more reasons to smile. We know flexible financing terms go a long way towards that goal.

We do this all in-house with no interest because we believe in our patients and we don’t want a third party dictating financing terms. We want to maintain a relationship with our patients and listen to their financial concerns. We love providing patients from South Jersey, Sicklerville, Woolwich Township, Mullica Hill, and Mount Laurel great financial options for braces and Invisalign.

We know braces are a gift that parents want to give to their kids and many adults want to give to themselves. A lifelong, confident smile is important. We believe achieving that smile should be flexible, we want it to be easy, and we want it to be stress-free.

More Questions?

That’s fine – we’re here to help!

Maybe you still have questions. We’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions below. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Many dental insurance plans offer an orthodontic supplemental benefit which would help cover the cost of orthodontics including Invisalign, metal, or clear braces.

However, many standard dental plans without this supplement will not cover orthodontic treatment. Insurance coverage varies depending on your plan. In most cases, you can contact your insurance provider to learn about what is covered or not covered.

Some of our patients choose to pay in full for orthodontic treatment and can receive a small discount. However, most patients choose to finance their orthodontic treatment over the course of several months or even years.

We have many patients who are in braces or Invisalign for only 12 months that are able to finance their treatment for longer than they are in treatment! We can customize a solution for your financial needs.

No! We treat our patients like family, and we do not see any reason to nickel and dime them. We want them to get the orthodontic option that they want without paying any more for it. Because of that, we are one of the few offices that we know that does not charge more for clear braces!

No! We do not charge more to use quality orthodontic technology. We believe that the Empower Braces System provides amazing results in less time than before. Why wouldn’t we use one of the best systems possible?


We are one of the only offices we know that offers a lifetime guarantee on retainers! That means if you lose them, they are broken, or your dog eats them we will replace them for free.

We believe it’s just one way we can give back to our patients and help protect their investment. If you want to read more about why we offer this service, check out our blog post on our retainer guarantee!

Orthodontic treatment almost always qualifies for FSA reimbursement. If your employer offers an FSA, let us know and we will verify your eligibility and help you get started.

Not in our office! At Innovative Orthodontics, we are extremely proud of what we refer to as “Free Wireless Upgrades!” Unlike many orthodontic offices, we do not charge more for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen than we do for braces. In some cases, it may even be less!

Yes. The price you pay for your orthodontic treatment will cover your typical treatments. But we know that you sometimes need that extra appointment. So we work alongside you to develop a plan that includes free retainer checks.

No. The price you pay for your orthodontic treatment covers everything we do from start to finish and even includes a lifetime guarantee on retainers.