January 3, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Irmine!


team_0018_5.jpg Happy Anniversary, Irmine!

I started Innovative Orthodontics from scratch 10 years ago, and I had some pretty important decisions to make at that time. What kind of practice did I want to build? Where did I want to open? What type of braces did I want to use? How was I going to get patients to come see me? And how on earth was I going to pay for any of this?!

But the most important decision that I had to make was, who I was going to hire for my very first employee? The skill set needed for that first (and only) employee in a start-up orthodontic practice was incredibly unique. They had to be a Certified Dental Assistant to assist me with patients. They had to be an expert in orthodontic practice management to answer phones, schedule appointments, handle patient accounts, and navigate the confusing world that is orthodontic insurance. They had to be able to serve as a Treatment Coordinator to help patients get started on their orthodontic journey. They had to be able to market the practice both in and out of the office. And, most importantly, they had to have superb customer service skills to literally be the face of the business and completely embody the culture of a customer-focused orthodontic practice. Simply put, they had to be an orthodontic rock star!

Even as I write this, knowing darn well how this chapter of the story ends, I still can’t believe that one human being could possibly possess all of these qualities! And anyone who has not spent any time at Innovative Orthodontics may feel that it would be impossible to find someone this amazing. However, anyone who has stepped foot in our office even once knows that all of this (and more) is embodied every day by the one and only Irmine Spinosi!

A decade has now passed since I made the best business decision of my life. Innovative Orthodontics has grown into one of the most successful and customer-service-driven orthodontic practices in Southern New Jersey. One thing has not changed. Irmine is still the face, the smile, and the driving force behind everything we do here. She is the most caring, loyal, hard-working and kind human being I have ever had the pleasure of knowing – and I can guarantee that this sentiment is shared by anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her. I can’t imagine my life or my business without her!

This morning, I surprised Irmine, and her wonderful husband Rich, with a cruise to Bermuda. It is the least I could do to thank her for all that she has done for my practice, our patients, and me! I love you, Irmine. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for everything! You are simply the best!


Innovative-Orthodontics-South-New-Jersey-iortho.com-70 Happy Anniversary, Irmine!
Innovative-Orthodontics-South-New-Jersey-iortho.com-226 Happy Anniversary, Irmine!
team_0019_6.jpg Happy Anniversary, Irmine!